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Wellness Consultations - Education in how YOU can use Nutrition, Supplements, Herbs, Massage,  Reflexology,  Alternative Therapies,  Detoxification

Pain Relief - Nutrition, Supplements, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, Reike Healing

Stress Relief - Nutrition, Massage therapies,ract, Relaxation techniques, Meditation,  Amazing herbal extract, Other Alternatives
For a fantastic stress reliever to help cope with chronic stress or illness  use Max10 extract NOT the juice.   To obtain Max10 extract go to:

For all conditions acute or chronic -    MCS, CFS, FM, MS, Lupus, Candida try some Max10 extract, call or email for a nutritional program. Check page 5 for a program to correct the system from chronic illness.  Supplements help but the correct diet is essential.
My specialties are:  Diet, Nutrition, Supplements, Herbology, Iridology, Reflexology, European Swedish Massage, acupressure, pressure point, other massage therapies.

For an extremely effective antimicrobial to quickly kill virus, bacteria, fungus, etc  go to:

When I first discovered this product in 2004, I had had CFS for 18+ years, MCS for 30 years.
After 2 days of Mesosilver I felt better than I had in many decades.  I take a week long course of this product every six months or so.   To take this or anything on a continuous daily basis would create resistant strains of pathogens.   We want the system to still have a very effective microbial to use against the latest virulent health crisis.  My health has been steadily improving since.

Therapist, Wellness Consultant, Educator and Researcher:

Meadow Mary Woodard,  MS, LCSP
Topaz Wellness Center     TRE                        

3775 Sandstone Drive
Wellington, NV   89444

775-266-4837   phone/fax   Check out January 1-3-2010 for valuable wellness information specific to long distance hikers but applicable to all of us.

FREE initial consultation   Call- try a cleaner environment, try the phase one diet, try supplements, try Max10 extract
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