Meadow Mary Woodard, MS, LCSP
hiker pain, illness, injury

1. Nutrition and muscle pain
multivitamin, calcium magnesium zinc supp
fresh fruits & vegies in towns
dehydrated bean soup or TVP for protein

2. Temperature extremes
Lots of H2O but only with EmergenC added
Widebrimmed hat, sunglasses, sunblock
lip balm, mullien for sinus irritation

3. Feet  - keep dry, reduce friction
good wellfitting, breathable shoes
good insoles,ie Superfeet, gel insoles, heel cup
clean wicking liner socks
seamless socks ie Thorlo, Wigwam, Thermolite
cut toenails straight across, not down on edges

4. Blisters/chafing caused by friction+ moisture
check shoes for points that could be rubbing. A sharp edge on an insole can be trimmed off with a knife. Cover the cut with doubled over duct tape. Gold Bond, cornstarch, talcum  reduce friction
stream crossing footwear.  Mesosilver for chafing
Body Glide, A&D ointment, Blistershield
moleskin, sport tape, duct tape
New Skin, Skin Shield, 2nd Skin Altenate stream Xing footwear.  Dry out feet at every break.

5. Cracked Callouses
padded insoles, heel cup
bag(udder) balm (feed store)

6. Shin splints  caused by downhill pronation
band around shins

7. Plantar fasciatus
Superfeet, cushion insoles
achilles stretch
overnight brace/tape ankle 90*

8. Sprains, strains
ace bandage for wrapping
Nature's way Bone Flesh & Cartlage
as compress, also internally

9. Stress fractures
BFC(as above) 6/day and compress
Calcium, magnesium and zinc

10. Illnesses and infections(all kinds)
1 T Mesosilver twice/day fast 24-48 hrs
1000 mg Vit C 10-24/day
Black Walnut + grapefruit seed extract
Mesosilver(1T twice/day)

11. Boils or cysts
Mesosilver applied to boil 2-3 times/day
boil shrinks, no bursting needed
spray bottle also for any surface infection
cuts, blisters, ingrown toenails

12. Snake bite, bug bite, rash
clay packs(clean mud)  4-6 packs/1st hour
Topical Mesosilver prevents infection for poson oak/ivy

order 2 oz Mesosilver  direct fom Meadow Mary or
 4+ oz from
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