Meadow Mary Woodard, MS, LCSP
RESUME - My Story
Mary Pacholke was working as a research chemist for G D Searle when toxic and chemical exposures rendered her health extremely compromised.   She radically altered her external environment by moving from Chicago to northern Minnesota, to run a small fishing resort. Constantly searching for the solution to her health problems, she discovered a book linking "allergies" to low blood sugar.   She gave nutrition a chance and with the change of internal and external environments enjoyed a nearly complete recovery.           
       Inspired by the success of the alternative approach to her own health, as well as the success of bringing back to wellness a man given less than 2 months to live with stomach cancer, she embarked wholeheartedly in furthering her studies of the alternatives.   She went to Calgary Alberta, Canada to study medical  massage  with the Northern Institute of Massage, out of London England.   She was certified with the London and Counties Society of Physiotherapists.    While in Canada, she also studied many alternatives including Nutrition, Iridology and Herbology etc, with the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing.

Returning to Minnesota, she continued her studies in Minneapolis, MN. 
    She studied Nutrition also with Dr John Ray, MD, Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Bemidji State University.  She studied Body Electonics with Dr John Ray, also with the Healing Rays Center and Turtle Island Holistic Community,  both in Mpls, MN.   She has studied Touch for Health, Reike Healing, ETF Schiatzu, reflexology, and numerous others.
  After being poisoned with pesticide in Mpls,
she moved to northern MN, then to 10,000' in the CO rockies, then to the Arizona Tonopah desert.   After each move, either the external or her home environment was compromised resulting in  a health crisis. Her final move to Nevada, another desert environment but with the protection of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the west is her best and last relocation.  She no longer worries that her 2 dogs will outlive her and face being orphaned.  After marrying a chronic long distance hiker, Billy Goat, Mary has turned much of her attention to helping hikers with their issues as Meadow Mary.
    She continues to research chronic health conditions, keeping abreast of new findings in the medical as well as the Holistic communities.   She has found that the holistic approach is much safer and more effective for those with chronic illnesses.

MS organic chemistry
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

European Remedial Swedish Massage
LCSP  Physical Therapy
Northern Institute of Massage, London, Eng

Certified Iridologist
Certified Herbologist
Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, Calgary, Alta, Canada

Studies in Nutrition-
Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN
Wild Rose College of Natural Healing
Dr. John Ray, ND
Jeffrey Bland, PhD
Turtle Island Holistic Community

Further body/energy studies
Wild Rose College of Natural Healing
Healing Rays Center, Mpls, MN
Turtle Island Holistic Community, Mpls, MN
Touch for Health, Mpls, MN
Reike Healing, Mpls, MN
Body Electronics with Dr John Ray, Mpls, MN
ETF with Gary Renaud
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