Meadow Mary Woodard, MS, LCSP

Chronic illnesses CFS, MCS, FM

Phase One Diet

AVOID- sugar, flours, corn fructose, all corn products, peanuts, yeast, fermented foods, alcoholic beverages, wheat, rye, barley, anything possibly mold or yeast contaminated.  Beverages such as pop and coffe/black tea are acidifying even if not sweetened.   Avoid.

SWEETENERS- stevia, xylitol from birch trees (xylitol is antifungal)
FRUITS- limited, fresh, tart,  Berries, lemon, lime, granny smith apple, avocado, coconut
Avoid very sweet fruits like bananas.   Fruit sugar also feeds fungus.
VEGETABLES- fresh, unblemished vegies, freshly made juice especially carrot (falcarinol is antifungal)
AVOID potato, winter squash ( too much carbs= sugar)
BEVERAGES- quality water, non-fruity herbal teas, stevia sweetened or unsweetened lemonade,  apple cider vinegar (malic acid is antifungal), freshly juiced carrots and vegies
OILS-  extra virgin olive oil, grape, flaxseed, coconut (caprylic acid is antifungal))
NUTS- raw nuts including almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews,  pumpkin and sunflower seeds      Stored nuts may get moldy-  AVOID if moldy
MEATS- all meats, emphasis on chicken and fish      Avoid processed meats.  Beef may be contaminated with antibiotics which are fungal propogators.
Dairy-  low fat cottage cheese and yogurt   (Meadow Mary says)

GRAINS- limited amounts quinoa, millet, buckwheat, brown/wild rice are allowed on  phase 2 diet

Chronic illnesses always involve an impaired immune system due to environmental and other stresses, leading to suppression of the immune system and the resultant overgrowth of internal fungal infection, the mycotoxins released by the fungus causing further damage to the immune system and other organ systems.   For more information, go to:
There also may be other internal low grade infections involved, so a course of Mesosilver is highly advised.   Order on home page.

Program to Overcome Fungus

1.  Starve the fungus by avoiding all sugars, sweets, gluten grains, corn, peanuts, yeast, alcohol, coffee.  Eat a low carb diet ie Phase One Diet at
2.  Alkalinize the body with fresh vegies, green supplement, apple cider vinegar, magnesium and mineral supplements.
3.  Restore good gut flora with probiotics.
4.  Kill the fungus with:  Malic acid, caprylic acid, magnesium, cinnamon, olive leaf ext, tumeric, pau d arco, grapefruit seed ext, black walnut,  garlic, oil of oregano.  Rotate the herbs to prevent resistance.
 Mesosilver is VERY effective as found on homepage for a week only at a time.
5.  Flush out fungus and their mycotoxins using fiber such as flaxseed meal and/or psyllium seed and/or chelators like chlorella.
6.  Restore and aid the immune system with Vitamins A, B, C, D, zinc, magnesium, astragalus, taurine, dandelion root, beta glucans, immune enhancing mushrooms.
7.  Neutralize the damage caused by toxins  and mycotoxins with antioxidants: Vitamins A, C, E, selenium, resveratrol, ALA, bllberry, etc.
8.   Reduce stress which suppresses the immune system.

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