Meadow Mary Woodard, MS, LCSP

Most important products

The MOST Recommended Products for
long distance hikers.

Take with you at least 2 oz Mesosilver, an antimicrobial (kills bacteria, virus, fungus)
for external treatment of any infection, chafing, boils, cuts, bug bites. Internal use of 1 T twice/day on an empty stomach for any illness.
Many of the issues found in desert conditions are fungal,  NOT bacterial. Antibiotics will not help, and may hurt.   Follow any use of antibiotics with probiotics  and antifungals.
Mesosilver available from

Or get a smaller 2 oz bottle directly from Meadow Mary   775-266-4837

Take EmergenC with you especially in hot desert conditions.  Add some to your water.    Dehydration is a mineral deficiency, not a water deficiency.   Too much water without adding electrolytes will cause dehydration.

See 1/2/2010 entry for an education about electrolytes.  !/1/10-1/4/10 has any hiker tip you might need.

Have a bottle of Nature's Way Bone, Flesh and Cartilage in
your bounce box for sprains, strains, fractures. DON'T
hike on an injury. Take time off to heal.  BFC SPEEDS healing, as does use of Mesosilver.
For people with CHRONIC ILLNESSES such as MCS, CFS, FM:
Reducing oxidative stress is key to reducing to viscious cycle of illness according to Dr Martin Pall.   THE MOST effective supplement I've found to reducing your body's reaction to stress is a product called Max10 extract
NOT the juice.  I was taking the entire Pall/Zeim protocol for months without noticeable effect, but within one week of starting this product (In addition to many other supplements) I was very noticeably feeling and sleeping better, and continued to regain better health over time.  To obtain this remarkable extract, go to:

the results were remarkable, I was more relaxed,  better sleep, less reactive,  MUCH more energy.   I love this stuff and will never again be without it.   But again, I take a good supply of standard vitamins, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants.

After starting this product, I discovered Doug Kaufmann at
whose TV program I get here on Dish Network.   I realized that many of my early symtoms looked like fungal infection symptoms, so I started an antifungal program via Doug Kaufmann and have achieved the best health I've enjoyed in over 4 decades of chronic illness of bronchitis, MCS and CFS.
Overcome Fungus and Phase One Diet

1.  Starve the yeast by avoiding all sugars, sweets, gluten grains, corn, peanuts, yeast, alcohol, coffee.  Eat a low carb diet ie Phase One Diet at
See next page for Phase One Diet.
2.  Alkalinize the body with fresh vegies, green supplement, apple cider vinegar, magnesium and mineral supplements.
3.  Restore good gut flora with probiotics.
4.  Kill the fungus with:  Malic acid, caprylic acid, magnesium, cinnamon, olive leaf ext, tumeric, pau d arco, grapefruit seed ext, black walnut,  garlic, oil of oregano.  Rotate the herbs to prevent resistance.
 Mesosilver is VERY effective as found on homepage for a week only at a time.
5.  Flush out fungus and their mycotoxins using fiber such as flaxseed meal and/or psyllium seed and or chelators like chlorella.
6.  Restore and aid the immune system with Vitamins A, B, C, D, zinc, magnesium, astragalus, taurine, dandelion root, beta glucans, immune enhancing mushrooms.
7.  Neutralize the damage caused by toxins  and mycotoxins with antioxidants: Vitamins A, C, E, selenium, resveratrol, ALA, bllberry, etc.
8.   Reduce stress which suppresses the immune system.

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